Immortal Creativity


April 1, 2022

It is the act of creation which grants you immortality; Our story lives on beyond our physical lives through the artistic expression of books, film, fashion and more.

In its initial introduction we can't help but notice this titanous prism commanding the digital canvas. It appears as a sort of flared marble with a stunning mix of red and orange. When we take a look at its relation to other elements in the spatial composition its focus becomes quite clear; We see multiple levels of emphasis from its form to its texture, placement, color and value of light.

In the realm of form we note its sharp, straight and strong corners as highly contrasted from its smooth and curved surroundings. Our setting feels primal yet foreign and surreal as if we're standing on another planet. This is reinforced by the greater space of stars, bringing us into complete immersion with the piece.

We see a great deal of contrast in the textures at hand as our smooth prism is cracked in contrast to our muddy, cave-esc set that appears to morph and flow out of concrete control.

The center placement of this prism proves a masterful knowledge of the elements of art. Our primal setting draws a line across the star-filled region of the piece to frame the prism subtly yet stunningly.

We see that the entire piece sets up a neutral gray-black to allow the reddish-orange to accent itself initially with the subsequent spark of yellowish-gold as the rarest and highest color within the work at hand.

Our lone figure holds a hovering sphere as he stares at this titanous prism. We note the small yet stunning azure pond beneath our subject reflecting and translating the scene to achieve a double emphasis.

This prism appears as a mirror which hosts the shadow of the figure as if it’s possessed by our lone golden hero. Through the depiction of the shadow this work follows the Dream as a reflection of the soul.

Creation is a form of immortalization in the same degree as its potential for healing. When we share things with others we are expressing ourselves, and as time progresses we’re discovering just how important this act is for meaningful contemplation and exchange of perspective to finding ultimate connection, comfort and companionship in what feels like an increasingly lonely and loathly world.

Overall this surreal digital painting presents the lone hero in the midst of an intergalactic dreamspace as a flared prism provides a face of reflection and accent for the hero in complete creative ascendancy.