I Don't Know If You Can Hear Me


March 28, 2022

I'm not quite sure if you can hear me...  I've been wandering the streets of this city for quite some time now.

Although I keep writing it appears that the rain is starting to pick up. I'm in a rather rough state at the moment, and it's hard to know when I'll be back.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photograph I discovered in the archives of my city's CCTV. Isn't it such a lovely world?

A lone figure stands like a monument in memorization of this public kiosk which hosts an iridescent screen in juxtaposition against its dark and destitute surroundings.

Today's work features a heavy degree of darkness in the form of this cool concrete green-grey. This allows a great deal of contrast to be crafted in the piece at hand as both color and form vary extremely from the subject to its set surroundings.

We note a titanous pillar commanding the center space of the canvas which divides the spatial composition into two resulting regions.

Although this division is demonstrably dense we must concede that both halves host the rather rough scenes of tiered highways climbing to the ascendant region of the canvas' back.

Our main subject is tucked underneath these large roads creating an intimate yet cave-esc atmosphere for the figure to reside within.

To some the setting may read as an abandoned amusement park or mall however upon closer inspection this assumption falls to the clear depiction of guardrails bordering the streets above.

A single glowing source of light against this endlessly dark setting offers a unique metaphor to the lone creator. One wonders if our figure holds the reassurance that the sacrifices made now won't one day be seen as unsuccessfully vain.

Overall this titanous digital rendering immerses its viewer within a dystopian megacity which feels awfully isolated as our lone figure observes a bright kiosk in contrast to the surrounding sea of darkness.