"Glimpse of Us" - Joji


July 1, 2023

[ Originally released on June 26th, 2022 ]

"Glimpse of Us" by multimedia artist Joji is a depressing music video on the disorienting nature of heartbreak, the lost souls of habitual disorder and the tumultuous trap of nostalgic false hope.

In its initial introduction, we're met with the result of a clearly chaotic lifestyle as the lost souls inhabit the realm of grit and grime. When the days are left to bad habits and a lack of routine, the only result is a dismal degree of disorder.

Our subject appears to be in the midst of heartbreak. This is echoed everywhere from scenes of fighting to the lyrics set in past-tense perspective. It's quite clear he's dealing with a false sense of closure.

There's no doubt that our subject is living an escapist and destructive lifestyle as drugs and violence set a dismal tone amidst bunnies in the crackhouse. Even the shaved head symbolizes a loss of identity as he wanders aimlessly…

The main character has a failure to separate commonality from individuality as he sees his past lovers in another's eyes. This never allows him to move on and, as a result, get to know the real side of his new partner.

One can't help but notice how he's hoping for the past to return. As if waiting by the phone, he texts his ex out of desperation in the hope that her light is enough to bring him out of this darkness.

We see a profoundly powerful display of the diverse range of the human experience. Art like this isn't supposed to make you happy, it's supposed to make you aware; Only through awareness can you begin to stride towards change.

After all, the dark denotes the divine by definition. 

Joji is a Japanese musician often marked by the genres of R&B and Lo-Fi. For well over a decade, he's been creating art across multiple aliases as we've witnessed a profound level of evolution over the years.

Overall this mature music video presents a heartbroken and escapist lost soul as crack house bunnies and pointless destruction sets the tone for an aimless yet awakening visual experience.