The One Who Doubts Success


March 17, 2022

Have you ever met someone who doubts another person’s success? Perhaps even yours?

There is to one who doubts success a certain cynicism which feels like this cancer of resentful stagnation which threatens malignancy towards anyone who dares to achieve in their proximity.

They only consume, save to create criticisms towards your newfound action of progress.

Time must be sacrificed to build anything.

When we are consuming culture we are comprehending the successful expressions of others. We instruct our morality towards a type of literature which is so deeply ingrained in our culture that it has transcended into mythology & religion. The story of the one who doubts the achievements of another is nothing new. It is the tale of the hostile brothers Cain and Abel.

Let’s say you have some really good news to share with someone. You meet them with ecstatic energy yet their response is reserved, quiet and hardly congratulatory. Instead your good news is met with their story of success which feels more like an attempt to one-up you rather than to share and support the tremendously good feeling which the news has brought.

What is it about the one who doubts the success, achievements and accomplishments of others which feels so hopeless?

At the end of the day they’re just sitting in a dark room debating to themselves about whether that resented person was really able to do that, that or the other while that hated individual continues to build on their achievements without a single thought otherwise.

There is only place where resentment breeds; Resentment strives in dark rooms where one goes mad over the infinite injustices of life from a death in the family to alienation by all your past friends and heartbreak itself. 

Instead of picking up the pieces to rise in resiliency they have only one thought. That thought is to destroy the ideal which they feel threatened by.

That is how quiet resentment breeds violence...

Don’t be the friend who doubts success.