Our Mission

Here at the Apollo Art Exchange, we're dedicated to the extreme expansion of cultural and visual literacy across the globe. Through our multi-layered approach combining the Appreciation, Cultivation and Education (ACE) of the arts, we plan to scale to grand new heights as we lift the knowledge of Art History to the regular masses.


The Appreciation of art is likely the most familiar of our three focuses to the average person. This includes all ways we consume art from viewing to reading and listening. In addition to this, the appreciation of art also includes the conscious acknowledgement that the thing being appreciated is art in the first place.


The Cultivation of art is by far the most difficult of our three core areas of focus. To cultivate art is to inspire, whether through exposure, education or otherwise. When we aid in cultivating art, we are providing the framework for a new generation of artists to continue passing the torch of creative expression.


The Education of art may be considered the foundation of AAE itself. Through our multi-layered approach across the visual, audible, and written realms of consumption, we are continually committed to teaching about art in every way possible. At the core of this pillar are the two concepts of Visual literacy and Symbolic literacy, wherein people begin to analyze both the literal composition and possible symbolic meaning behind a piece of art.